En Route

En Route


En Route is a school assignment for the course Devine at University Howest Kortrijk. -June, 2014

En Route is an association that organizes art and poet tasks for youth groups. We had to choose a city from Belgium and create a concept around these tasks. The assignment was to make an app to represent the tasks, awebsite so the user can rewatch there actions and make a promotional video.

We did choose for the great city Antwerp. Our concept is that the youngsters go and explore the modern and old things in this city.


We shot the footage ourselves with a canon 600D. Music in background: Beirut - scenic world


With the app the user gets to start a map which some checkpoints are annotated. The user has to walk with his group to the checkpoint and has to fulfill the task. For each fulfilled task the user can unlock a part of the city where there will be another task.

In the app we make use of the camera (imagepickercontroller & GPUimage) and the microphone. To customize the map we used MapBox.


With the website the user can easily rewatch there actions. The website stays up-to-date and it always shows the most recent entry. There can be filtered on schools (each day there's another school) and also the user can check out all the tasks. School-principals can also subscribe their school on a certain date to come and visit En Route.

Go check it out