Ypres was a school assignment for the course Major 4. In 5 days we had to come up with an original tour guide for the war sites in Ypres. The tour guide had to be an iPad app and had to have an original angle of incidence.

This was a group assignment, made together with Eva Pieters & Wout Thielemans. We had to work out the concept & design and also program the whole thing in Objective-C (for iPad).

We chose to make an iPad app that targets children who come to visit the site with their parents. By working with animal characters who each embody a different country, we wanted to make the story of the first world war understandable for children, teaching them about the events in a way they can understand.

To keep the children attentive, each story about the war is accompanied by a minigame, which the kids can play to earn puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces are collected, the children can make the puzzle and save the image to their iPad, and us it as a screensaver.

In this way they will never forget the heroes of WWI.